Honors and Awards

Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award, Marshall University (2021)

Hedrick Program Grant for Teaching Innovation, Marshall University (2018-2019, 2016-2017)

Women of Marshall Award (faculty recipient), Marshall University (2017)

John and Frances Rucker Graduate Advisor Award, Marshall University (2016)

Hedrick Faculty Teaching Fellow, Marshall University, Marshall University (2015-2016)

Pickens-Queen University Teaching Award, Marshall University (2014)



English 685: Science Fiction by Women

English 660: Literary Theory: Glitch Theory and Literature

English 660: Literary Theory: Posthumanism

English 630: Materials and Methods of Research

English 628: Twentieth-Century African American Literature: #blacklivesmatter

English 532: Contemporary American Literature


Honors 480: Technology and the Evolution of Human Identity

Honors 480: Vampires, All Too Human

Honors 480: Robots, Aliens, and Black Speculative Fiction

Honors 292: Yeager Seminar III: Coding for the Digital Humanities


English 499: Senior Capstone

English 495: Toni Morrison’s Novels

English 480: Coding for the Digital Humanities

English 418: Addiction in Literature

English 432: Contemporary American Literature

English 355: Introduction to Critical Theory

English 325: Recent Popular Literature

English 322: Survey of American Literature: 1865-Present

English 280/Computer & Information Technology 280: Coding for the Digital Humanities

English 263: Digital Literary Studies

English 242: Women Writers (online)

English 240: African American Women’s Literature

English 240: African American Literatures (online)

English 209: Introduction to Fiction

English 203: Topics in Reading and Writing: The Neo-Slave Narrative

English 201: Critical Approaches to Fiction


English 153: Writing as Healing

English 102: Critical Reading and Writing

English 101: College Composition

English 010: College Reading and Study Skills